The AuGeo system is a piled embankment system, to provide a virtually settlement free embankment or super-structure. Cofra Ltd. can offer a one-stop design and installation for the piles and the load transfer platform.

The AuGeo piles are installed from the surface in a triangular or square grid. The piles are installed using a modified drain stitcher. An installation tube with a diameter of 220mm, is pushed together with a base plate into the ground until the required resistance is met. The maximum installation depth of the piles is 25 meters from surface. The installation is done using a constant speed, reducing the disturbance of the surrounding soil and already installed piles. Upon reaching the required resistance, the force is kept onto the base plate while the permanent pile casing is placed into the installation casing. The permanent casing is then ¾ filled with concrete before the installation casing is retrieved. After the complete withdrawal of the installation casing, the base plate and the permanent casing remain in the ground. The permanent casing is then cut to the required height, a pile cap is placed together with the reinforcement. After this, the pile is fully filled with concrete.

AuGeo is suitable for:

- rapid construction of roads and railway lines
- widening of roads or embankments without causing settlements and horizontal deformation
- athletics tracks
- filling the gap in embankments after the demolition of bridges
- transition zones between bridges and embankments

Advantages of the system:

The advantages of the application of AuGeo are numereous:

- A short installation period and clean working area after installation
- Optimal design by using a fixed penetration force and an automatic adjustment of the base level for bearing capacity.
- Limited noise disturbance in the surrounding area, ideal for installation around existing services that cannot be moved or distrubed.