Geoflex Projects

GEOFLEX has been developed because of the necessity to manufacture an economic sheet pile system with a long service life to replace tropical hardwood in applications such as soil retaining wall constructions and bank protections. With the help of computer aided design technology, an optimal weight/strength proportion has been created, which provided us with a new generation of sheet piling.

For the production of GEOFLEX, a technique known as co-extrusion is used. This means that the cover layer is extruded separately from the core and although brown is the standard colour, for substantial volumes, this technique makes it possible to produce almost every colour.

In order to adapt the quality of the basic material to the demand that the final product has to meet - in particular UV resistance - stabilisers, flow improvers, colouring and other aggregates are added. By adding what are known as impact resistance improvers the toughness of the vinyl is improved dramatically. It increases the resistance to mechanical damage and absorbs the impact pressures incurred during the insertion of the sheets as well as at those places where, for instance, ships moor alongside the bank and considerable pressure on the wall may occur. Even during severe frost periods the Geoflex sheet piles will not be damaged.


The big advantage of a vinyl sheet piling system, as opposed to the alternative building materials, is its long service life and because it does not leach poisonous substances, such as harmful preservatives, into the soil it is also a very environmentally friendly solution.

The main properties of GEOFLEX are:
- A long service life
- Weather resistant
- Resistant to rodents
- Environmentally friendly
- Easy to install
- Corrosion resistant
- Cost effective

The lock has been designed with the following philosophy:
- No transference of soil particles
- A certain rotation of the lock, making curved shapes possible
- Angle profiles, which make 90 degree angles possible
- Possibility to make two configurations with the same profile

This variety of configurations give the designer the opportunity to choose between several different sheet piling configurations with a large difference in flexural strength.


A GEOFLEX profile only weighs 3 to 5 kg/m, thus the weight of the 210G corrugated sheet amounts to only 11 kg/m2. It is therefore very easy to handle, even in longer lengths. Before installation, two sheets may be assembled as one 0.5 m wide section. This gives the following advantages:

- Low transport costs
- High production
- No heavy machinery required for installation

GEOFLEX can be installed by means of using a water jet system, a free fall hammer, a pneumatic hammer, a vibrator or by pushing it in with an excavator. At greater depths or in soils with a high resistance, a steel guiding sheet pile is used. GEOFLEX can easily be combined with or connected to other building materials. The sheets can be sawn or drilled. Wood, concrete, steel or plastic can be used as cap and wale system. A combination with a tie back system is also a possibility.


GEOFLEX is highly suitable as:
- Shore protection
- Seepage screens
- Cut-off barrier to retain groundwater
- Temporary retaining wall during construction or excavation