MebraDrain To accelerate the settlement process and decrease in water pressure it is crucial to shorten the path of the pore water. This can be achieved by the installation of vertical drains at regular intervals from each other into the sub-soil. Due to the installation of vertical drains, the overstrained pore water pressure can flow horizontally to the nearest drain and subsequently flow freely through the drain to the ground level. By using vertical drains, the consolidation process usually is reduced from decades to a half year or less.

MebraDrain is a synthetic prefabricated strip that is ideal for drainage. The flexible core is made of high quality polypropylene. Along the whole length run channels on both sides where the water can flow unhindered through. This core is surrounded by a strong and durable filter, that combines a large water permeability with an excellent impassable soil barrier. MebraDrain is available in several types, the MD7407, MD7007 and MD88-H, suitable for any given project specific conditions such as soil conditions and installation depth. Geotechnics also produces a custom-made drain under the name MD88-HD that can be designed to meet with the project specific requirements. MebraDrain has become one of the most frequently used vertical drainage systems in the world. This frequent use of MebraDrain in many projects around the world is the clearest proof of the reliability of our product. Meanwhile around half a billion meters has been installed worldwide.


Ground improvement with vertical drains is applied in numerous projects. Typical applications are summarized below:

- Construction of roads, railways and airports
- Land reclamation projects
- Port Construction
- Dyke Construction
- Residential and industrial areas


The advantages of the system MebraDrain are:

- Guaranteed drainage, even with large deformation and soil pressure
- Drain system can be modified to the applicable soil conditions
- Drains can be installed to great depths, i.e. deeper than 45 meters - Minimal disturbance of the different soil layers
- Due to large production capacity very large volumes can be delivered in a short period
- Because of flexible core and the flat filter, MebraDrain is the favorite drain of the user, namely the driver of the crane
- Certified and high quality production process.

The material and efficiency of the MebraDrain system have been studied in well-known independent laboratories. The discharge capacity in both stretched and bent shape has been established. From these tests reports are available. All parameters emerged from these tests are more than compliant with the toughest standards drawn by the European Committee. Geotechnics also has the geotechnical resources to provide our clients with a most economical drain design.

With the purchase of Mebradrain you are assured of the highest standard in the industry, a large water flow capacity and a reliable supplier.

MebraDrain is a registered trademark of Geotechnics B.V.