Cofra UK

Cofra Ltd. are a specialist geotechnical contractor with experience in the fields of accelerated soils consolidation and dewatering, piling, sheet piling, and installation of hydraulic and gas barriers. Cofra Ltd. supply and install products worldwide, concentrating on projects within the U.K. & Ireland.



Monitoring™ As well as offering ground improvement and consolidation techniques, Cofra UK can offer tailored monitoring packages including vibrating wire piezometers, settlement cells, inclinometers and hydraulic profile gauges to monitoring the progress of settlement.



CDC™Savings in the construction programme has been at the heart of Clients and Contractors alike for many years. Compaction of soils in thin layers has led to the demand for techniques that can cope with layers many meters thick.

Vacuum Drainage™

Vacuum Drainage™ BeauDrain-S® is a recently developed, patented system to accelerate the consolidation process of highly compressible, cohesive soils. More...


AuGeo™ (an innovative piling system).
The system consists of a foundation of
pilings formed in the ground and topped off with a mattress of Geogrid and aggregate. More...


MebraDrain™ (band drains), used to
accelerate settlement and consolidation
through release of excess pore water
pressure improving the soils inherent
strength. Thereby reducing the costs of
foundations and allowing otherwise poor
quality land to be used for development.



Geoflex™ (a vinyl sheet pile), with design parameters comparable to lightweight steel sheet piles. With major cost and environmental advantages common uses include small retaining walls, form work and impermeable barriers, in waterways and coastal protection.


Geolock™ A vertical bentonite and HDPE hydraulic and gas barrier in soils for use to contain contaminated ground or areas sensitive to ground water level fluctuation. More...