Our GEO expertise can be called upon at any stage of a ground improvement project.

If we are brought in at an early stage we can help ensure the project is delivered using the most appropriate techniques to the prevailing conditions and budget expectation.

  • Cofra engineers routinely provide accurate calculations showing likely settlements for various band drain and surcharging options
  • Cofra exclusive Geo focus means we are able to produce props which are specifically tailored to suit the many extraneous variables of a construction project
  • Advances in recent ground improvement technology have made sites, which were hitherto economically unviable to develop, now potentially feasible projects to consider. We consult on this type of evaluation on a regular basis.
We are happy to impart our IPR and provide CPD (Corporate Professional Development) lunchtime seminars.

We undertake this activity for consultants, contractors and developers. These activities range from informal consultancy to land owners and end users to structured Q&A sessions with large infrastructure stakeholders, such as port operators and local authorities.