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 Instrumentation and Monitoring  Cofra UK Ltd

Instrumentation and Monitoring Cofra UK Ltd

09 Nov 2011

To compliment the services that Cofra UK already offer in the area of ground consolidation we are now able to offer various techniques for the monitoring of geotechnical parameters. On recent band drain installation projects we have successfully installed the following instrumentation.

Vibrating wire (VW) Piezomemeters for the monitoring of pore water pressure. Cofra UK have installed VW Piezometers by traditional shell and auger drilling in a cased borehole. We have also adapted our band drain installation rigs to be able to install drive-in type VW Piezometers. Via this method we are able to offer considerable time and cost savings over the cased borehole installation.

Inclinometers, used for the monitoring of lateral displacement during the embankment construction and installed via cased borehole.

Data loggers and weatherproof housings used for data collection at intervals specified by the client and mounted in a weatherproof IP rated cabinet.

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