Who We Help

If you fall into one of the categories below you need to talk to us at project inception to benefit from the wealth of experience we have on ground improvement.
Land or Property Developer or Agent with potential ground improvement requirements?
At the earliest stage we can on Geo level provide expertise to enable you to:
  • Evaluate Risk Mitigation - i.e provide you with an accurate insight into the potential requirement for ground improvement before contractual engagement
  • Accelerate the development programme through correct preparation of the land
  • Improve ROI by ensuring accurate evaluation of the land for a range of purposes

Professional consultants and contractors and their engineering departments working on an existing project with a requirement for Geo expertise
  • Value engineering the finer details of the project
  • Provision of expert consultancy on the project - either at tender or execution phase
  • Added value IPR and plant from the breadth of activities of Cofra worldwide - huge database of comparitive projects to draw upon